Sleeve picture Thank You For The Music
CD: Polydor 523 472-2; 1994

Disk 1:

  1. People Need Love (all) mid, mp3
  2. Another Town, Another Train (Björn) mid, mp3
  3. He Is Your Brother (Björn & Agnetha) mid, mp3
  4. Love Isn't Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough) (Björn) mp3
  5. Ring Ring (Agnetha) mid, mp3
  6. Waterloo (Agnetha & Frida) mid, mid, mp3
  7. Hasta Mañana (Agnetha) mid, mp3
  8. Honey Honey (Björn, Agnetha & Frida) mid, mp3
  9. Dance (While The Music Still Goes On) (Björn) mid, mp3
  10. So Long (Agnetha & Frida) mid, mp3
  11. I've Been Waiting For You (Agnetha) mid, mp3
  12. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do (Agnetha & Frida) mid, mp3
  13. S.O.S. (Agnetha) mid, mp3
  14. Mamma Mia (Agnetha & Frida) mid, mp3
  15. Fernando (Frida) mid, mid, mp3
  16. Dancing Queen (Agnetha & Frida) mid, mid, mp3
  17. That's Me (Agnetha & Frida) mid, mp3
  18. When I Kissed The Teacher (Agnetha) mid, mid, mp3
  19. Money, Money, Money (Agnetha & Frida) mid, mid, mp3
  20. Crazy World (Björn) mp3
  21. My Love, My Life (Agnetha) mid, mid, mp3
Disk 2:
  1. Knowing Me, Knowing You (Frida) mid, mid, mp3
  2. Happy Hawaii (Agnetha & Frida) mp3
  3. The Name Of The Game (Agnetha & Frida) mid, mp3
  4. I Wonder (Departure) (live version; Frida) mid, mp3
  5. Eagle (album version; Agnetha & Frida) mid, mp3
  6. Take A Chance On Me (Agnetha) mid, mid, mp3
  7. Thank You For The Music (Agnetha & Frida) mid, mp3
  8. Summer Night City (Album version; Björn, Agnetha & Frida) mp3
  9. Chiquitita (Agnetha) mid, mp3
  10. Lovelight (Frida) mp3
  11. Does Your Mother Know? (Björn) mid, mp3
  12. Voulez-Vous (Agnetha & Frida) mid, mp3
  13. Angel Eyes (Agnetha & Frida) mid, mp3
  14. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) (Agnetha) mid, mp3
  15. I Have A Dream (Frida) mid, mp3
Disk 3:
  1. The Winner Takes It All (Agnetha) mid, mp3
  2. Elaine (Agnetha & Frida) mp3
  3. Super Trouper (Frida) mid, mp3
  4. Lay All Your Love On Me (Agnetha) mid, mp3
  5. On And On And On (Agnetha & Frida) mp3
  6. Our Last Summer (Frida) mid, mp3
  7. The Way Old Friends Do (live version; Frida) mp3
  8. The Visitors (Crackin' Up) (Frida) mid, mp3
  9. One Of Us (Agnetha) mid, mp3
  10. Should I Laugh Or Cry? (Frida) mid, mp3
  11. Head Over Heels (Agnetha) mid, mp3
  12. When All Is Said And Done (Frida) mid, mp3
  13. Like An Angel Passing Through My Room (Frida) mid, mp3
  14. The Day Before You Came (Agnetha) mid, mp3
  15. Cassandra (Frida) mp3
  16. Under Attack (Agnetha) mid, mp3
Disk 4:
  1. Put On Your White Sombrero mid, mp3
  2. Dream World mp3
  3. Thank You For The Music (in the style of Doris Day; Agnetha & Frida) mp3
  4. Hej Gamle Man (Björn & Benny) mp3
  5. Merry-Go-Round (Björn) mp3
  6. Santa Rosa (Björn) mp3
  7. She's My Kind Of Girl (Björn) mp3
  8. Medley (Pick A Bale Of Cotton / On Top Of Old Smokey / Midnight Special; all) mp3
  9. You Owe Me One (Frida) mp3
  10. Slipping Through My Fingers (Agnetha) mid, mp3 / Me And I (Frida) mid - live TV versions
  11. Undeleted (Medley) mp3:
  12. Waterloo (French/Swedish version; Agnetha & Frida) mp3
  13. Ring Ring (Medley of Swedish, Spanish and German versions; Agnetha) mp3
  14. Honey Honey (Swedish; Björn, Agnetha & Frida) mp3

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